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The Church of the Brethren has about 99,000 members in about 950 congregations in the United States and Puerto Rico; as many as a 500,000 people attending services at Ekklesiyar Yan’uwa a Nigeria (Church of the Brethren in Nigeria); and thousands more in India, Brazil, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Venezuela, Spain, Congo, Rwanda and Uganda.

In the New Testament, the word "brethren" describes a community of men and women who chose another way of living: the way of Jesus. The Church of the Brethren, begun three centuries ago in Germany, still draws people who want to continue Jesus' work of faithfulness and loving service.

The central emphasis of the Church of the Brethren is not a creed, but a commitment to follow Christ in simple obedience, to be faithful disciples in the modern world. As do most other Christians, the Brethren believe in God as Creator and loving Sustainer. We confess the Lordship of Christ, and we seek to be guided by the Holy Spirit in every aspect of life, thought, and mission.

We hold the New Testament as our guidebook for living, affirming with it the need for lifelong and faithful study of the Scriptures. Brethren believe that God has revealed an unfolding purpose for the human family and the universe through the Hebrew Scriptures (or Old Testament), and fully in the New Testament. We hold the New Testament as the record of the life, ministry, teaching, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and of the beginnings of the life and thought of the Christian church.

Faithful following of Jesus Christ and obedience to the will of God as revealed in the Scriptures have led us to emphasize principles that we believe are central in true discipleship. Among these are peace and reconciliation, simple living, integrity of speech, family values, and service to neighbors near and far.  While times have changed, the Church of the Brethren today maintains the basic beliefs of the first Brethren and seeks to find new ways to continue the work of Jesus in the world.

(Drawn from “The Brethren Heritage,” Elizabethtown College)


About Our District

The Northern Ohio District of the denomination was formed in 1963 and covers the northern half of the state of Ohio and a portion of southern Michigan. The district is made up of 46 churches, one fellowship, a 200-acre camp, two church-related continuing care retirement communities, and over 3,500 members.

Our mission is to resource congregations, ministers, and individuals, in all aspects of Christian life so that we might continue the work of Jesus Christ in our world today - peacefully, simply, together.



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District Board

Members from across the Northern Ohio District serve on our District Board. They work year-round to serve the district as members of the Executive Board and four commissions: Congregational, Stewardship & Finance, Connections, and Ministerial. 


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If you are a member of one of our congregations, consider joining our online portal to access church directories, groups and district leadership information. You can also use your online account to register for events and see upcoming event listings.




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