Buckeye Brethren Institute


Buckeye Brethren Institute
Academy Certified Training System

Buckeye Brethren Institute will become an Academy Certified Training System that provides a pathway for education that leads to the fulfillment of the ordination requirements within the Church of the Brethren as set forth in the 2014 Ministerial Leadership paper. BBI is designed to be a three year program that consists of 12 classes, as well as other training activities to accomplish those educational requirements to prepare individuals for a life of set-apart ministry. BBI was developed and intended for those students whose life circumstances prevent them from participating in seminary or other traditional ministry training sessions.


Program Expectations

  • Participation in 15 or more contact hours per course (3 meetings, 5 hours per meeting)
  • Attend each class unless there are extreme extenuating circumstances, as approved by director and instructor
  • Must attend all class sessions to receive CREDIT WITH DISTINCTION (in addition to work of exceptional quality)
  • 35-45 hours of course work outside of class meetings (reading and writing)
  • Approximately 400 pages of required reading
  • Completion of a research project(s) outside of class time & all class work within time parameter set for the course
  • Attendance at one (1) orientation day (early August) preferably before classes begin or you must attend the following summer in order to take additional classes. You will also complete the biblical/theological inventory at orientation
  • Attendance at three (3) Practice of Ministry Days (Springtime)
  • Attendance of at least one (1) Annual Conference, one (1) District Conference & a significant ecumenical, interfaith or intercultural event
  • Completion of a portfolio of ministry experiences and personal growth
  • Completion of a supervised ministry experience (internship)


Financial Plan

Costs for students enrolled in the program:

$50 - Application fee which must accompany the completed application form

$75 - Per course plus Textbooks and materials

$25 - Late registration per course (where applicable)

$50 - Practice Ministry Day fee (3 required/1 per year)

$50 - Graduation fee

$25 - Fee to audit a course for CEUs

Travel to and from classes. Students who travel over 150 miles roundtrip can check with Ministry Education Director about a discount.

Apply for Courses


Click Here for Application Form

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Ordained Ministers and Lay Persons:

If you are auditing a course for CEUs or observing a course for personal enrichment, you do not need to fill out an application. You will need to pay a $25.00 course fee. See class listings below for online registration.



For more information, please contact:
Paul Bozman, Ministry Education Director
pbozman78@gmail.com or 330-354-7559

BBI Classes


Upcoming Class: Worship (MS)

Instructor: Terry Vaught

August 28, 2021, September 11, and September 25, 2021
9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

This course will be offered in person and virtually through Zoom.

Ordained Ministers may audit this course for CEUs.

Click here to register.

Course Description

This course will help students guide their congregations in worship. Students will increase their understanding in the theory and practice of worship using the Bible, good spiritual practices and a good understanding of time, space, aesthetics, and planning, to help their community worship God our creator, remember Christ our redeemer, and establish a deeper connection to the Father through the Holy Spirit. Although focusing on Brethren worship, we will take time to appreciate other worship settings to gain a better understanding of how worship has served Christians over the millennia to deepen our relationship with God.


Sequence of Classes

Classes are on a rotating schedule with three sessions, A, B, and C. You can join the program at anytime by starting with the current session and cycling through the remaining sessions until requirements are met.


Session B


Introduction to Worship (MS)
Instructor:  Terry Vaught
Meeting dates:  August 28, September 11 and 25, 2021
9:30 am to 3:30 pm
Register Online Here

Old Testament Survey (B)
Instructor:  Tina Hunt
Meeting dates:  October 23, November 6 and 20, 2021
9:30 am to 3:30 pm

Evangelism/Outreach (MS)
Instructor:  Brad Kelley
Meeting dates: TBD

Introduction to Theology (H/T)
Instructor:  Paul Bozman
Meeting dates:  TBD


Session C

2022-2023: Dates TBD

New Testament Survey (B)
Instructor:  Brad Kelley
Meeting dates: TBD

Preaching (MS)
Instructor:  Paul Bozman
Meeting dates:  TBD

History of the Church (H/T)
Instructor:  TBD
Meeting dates:  TBD

Ministerial Leadership and Administration (MS)
Instructor:  Paul Bozman
Meeting dates:  TBD

Session A

2023-2024: Dates TBD

Teaching and Learning in the Church (MS)
Instructor:  Tina Hunt
Meeting dates:   TBD

History, Beliefs, and Practices of the Church of the Brethren (H/T)
Instructor:  Paul Bozman
Meeting dates:  TBD

Biblical Interpretation (B)
Instructor: Paul Bozman
Meeting dates:  TBD

Introduction to Pastoral Care (MS)
Instructor: Tina Hunt
Meeting dates:  TBD