Northern Ohio District Church of the Brethren

The Northern Ohio District of the denomination was formed in 1963 and covers the northern half of the state of Ohio and a portion of southern Michigan. The district is made up of 46 churches, one fellowship, a 200-acre camp, two church-related continuing care retirement communities, and over 4,000 members.

Our mission is to resource congregations, ministers, and individuals, in all aspects of Christian life so that we might continue the work of Jesus Christ in our world today - peacefully, simply, together.



7.19        Youth Game Night & Devotions

7.24        Eastern Area Youth Event 

7.25        East/Central Area Youth Event

7.26        Youth Game Night & Devotions

8.2          Youth Game Night & Devotions

8.4          Western Area Pastors Luncheon

8.7          Western Area Youth Event

8.8          Central Area Youth Event

8.9          Youth Game Night & Devotions

8.10        Eastern Area Pastors Luncheon

8.11        Central Area Pastors Breakfast

8.14        District Conference, Akron Springfield CoB