District Board


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2020 – 2021 District Board

Chair – Bruce Jacobsen, Mt. Pleasant (2nd term ends 2023)

Vice Chair – Patrick Bailey, North Bend (1st term ends 2022)

Secretary – Deb Beer, County Line (2nd term ends 2022)


Congregational Commission:

Chair – Mark Pollock, Brook Park (filling unexpired term ending 2021)

Vice Chair – Patrick Bailey, North Bend (1st term ends 2022)

Secretary – Agnes Hayhurst, Reading (1st term ends 2023)

Member – Beverly Wengerd, Paradise (1st term ends 2023)


Stewardship and Finance:

Chair – David Bassett, Pleasant View (2nd term ends 2023)

Vice Chair – Maria Nichols, Lakewood (2nd term ends 2021)

Secretary – Charlene Kuhn, Richland (1st term ends 2022)

Member – Edward Chase, Poplar Ridge (filling unexpired term ending 2023)


Connections Commission:

Chair – Billi Janet Burkey, Center (2nd term ends 2022)

Vice Chair – Dean Foster, Black River (1st term ends 2021)

Co-Secretaries – Jean Garcia, Akron Springfield (1st term ends 2021)

                            Ellen Speicher, Woodworth (1st term ending 2022)


Ministerial Commission:

Chair – Paul Bartholomew, Mohican (filling unexpired term ending 2023)

Vice Chair – Terry Baldwin (filling unexpired term ending 2022)

Secretary – Fred Keener, Bristolville (filling unexpired term ending 2021)

Member – Ira Good, Dupont (1st term ends 2021)


Ex Officio Members (without vote):

Kris Hawk, District Executive Minister, Akron Springfield

Julie Watson, District Administrative Secretary

Linda Fry, District Peace/Conciliation Advocate, Mansfield First

Jenny Imhoff, Interim District Youth Coordinator, 

Shannon Kahler, Camp Director, Paradise

Lisa Snyder, District Treasurer, Ashland First (term ends 2023)

Jennifer Recker, District Financial Secretary (2nd term ends 2022)

Ben Polzin, Standing Committee, Poplar Ridge (2nd term ends 2022)

Brad Kelley, Moderator, East Chippewa (term ends 2022)

Brian Layman, Moderator-elect, Hartville (term ends 2023)

Nancy Jacobsen, District Conference Clerk, Mt. Pleasant (term ends 2021)

Jim Shives, Camp Administration Committee Chair (2nd term ends 2022)