District Board

 Northern Ohio Church of the Brethren
2023-2024 District Board


District Board Meetings and Locations

September 15-16, 2023
Friday 6-9pm, Saturday 10am-3:30pm
Inspiration Hills (lodging and meals provided)

November 18, 2023
Eastern Area - Eden Church of the Brethren

March 9, 2024
Western Area - Good Shepherd Home (Jonah's People Fellowship)

May 18, 2024
Central Area - Black River Church of the Brethren

August 10, 2024 Board Reorganization Meeting
(During District Conference)

District Conference August 9-10, 2024

Executive Committee Meetings

October 3, 2023
5pm - Meal provided 
District Office

February 13, 2024
5pm - Meal provided
District Office

April 9, 2024
5pm - Meal provided
District Office



2023-2024 District Board Orientation Meeting
September 15-16, 2023 @Inspiration Hills Camp
Friday 6-9pm, Saturday 10am-3:30pm



2023 – 2024 District Board Members


Chair – Terry Baldwin, Lick Creek (1st term ends 2025)

Vice Chair – Mark Pollock, Brook Park (1st term ends 2024)

Secretary – Agnes Hayhurst, Reading (2nd term ends 2026)


Congregational Commission:

Beverly Wengerd, Paradise (2nd term ends 2026)

Fred Brinkman, Sugar Creek West (1st term ends 2024) 

Steve Keib, Maple Grove (1st term ends 2026)

 Mark Pollock, Brook Park (1st term ends 2024)

Stewardship and Finance:

David Hobbs, New Philadelphia (1st term ends 2025)

Vice Chair
Todd Clemens, Poplar Ridge (1st term ends 2026)

Bruce Morckel, Akron Springfield (1st term ends 2024)  

Charlene Kuhn, Richland (2nd term ends 2025)



Connections Commission:

Jocelyn Siakula, Hartville (1st term ends 2025)

Vice Chair
Dean Foster, Black River (2nd term ends 2024)

Sam Luginbill, Dupont (1st term ends 2026)

Crystal Zellers, Freeburg (1st term ends 2026)

Ministerial Commission:

Steve Simmons, Woodworth (1st term ends 2024)

Vice Chair
Bill Holsopple, Lick Creek (1st term ends 2024)

Vacancy (1st term ends 2025)

Mike Huffaker, East Chippewa (2nd term ends 2025)


Ex Officio Members (without vote):

Kris Hawk, District Executive Minister

Erin Beebe, District Administrative Secretary

Linda Fry, District Peace/Conciliation Advocate, Mansfield First

Andrew Kauffman, Camp Interim Executive Director

Lisa Snyder, District Treasurer, Ashland First (term ends 2026)

Cindy McNaull, District Financial Secretary, Ashland Dickey (2nd term ends 2026)

Dawn Baldwin, Standing Committee Delegate, Lick Creek (1st term ends 2025)

Tina Hunt, Moderator, Mansfield First (term ends 2025)

Mike Conner, Moderator-Elect, Painesville (term ends 2026)

Ashley Harris, District Conference Clerk, Freeburg (term ends 2024)

Linda Smith, Camp Administration Committee Chair (term ending 2025)


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