Church Resources

Church Improvement Loan Fund

Northern Ohio District has established the Church Improvement Loan Fund to be a resource for local congregations to improve or repair Church of the Brethren facilities. Funds may be used for building improvements and repairs to the main ministry property. 

Disability Resources

Resource links for training and awareness in seeking to help those in our congregations with disabilities.

Hottle Grant Application and Guidelines

In 2008, the Hottle Memorial Fund was established with Brethren Foundation for the benefit of the congregations of the Northern Ohio District. Churches can apply to receive grants for church growth and operating funds.

Northern Ohio District Withdrawal Policy

In 2020, the Northern Ohio District Board developed a policy for congregations desiring to withdrawal from the Northern Ohio District Church of the Brethren.  It is the desire of the Northern Ohio District that all congregations feeling conflicted about remaining in the Church of the Brethren (“CoB”) be open to conversation and discernment. It is further desired that reconciliation and being in full fellowship will be the outcome of this process. In the event that reconciliation is not achieved, then it is the desire that the leaving group and the CoB may separate with grace and prayers for well-being for each other