The Journey Begins 12-2-2019

By Dean Foster

December 2, 2019


The Journey Begins

   Do you remember how God first invaded your life?  What God did to interrupt your plans?  Tone down the wording if you like, doesn't matter, you let your guard down a little and God charged in.  Mightily, with stealth, or both, His power cannot be denied.  Forget the  plans you had, God is in control.  His plan takes us to something new; something better.  The Journey He sends us on begins with Him.     

   Like many others, when God first stormed the beaches of my life I wasn't ready.  Didn't see Him coming so there wasn't much of a fight.  It happened when a pastor asked a few teenagers this really cool question:  

     "What do you think it was like for the disciples to go on that two-year camping trip with Jesus?" 

   I thought, 'What!!?'  Not sure if my mouth dropped open back then, but today I can see my mind sure did.  At fourteen I couldn't have dreamed it that way.  Imagine travelling with Jesus through and across Galilee.  The idea was captivating.  Putting up camp as the sun set into the blue sea, firewood, water, bread collected, we would talk and rest in the cool night air.  The peace of just knowing His bedroll was there close by  the same campfire.  Waking up to see Him off on a hillside praying; communing with the Father. 

   Even that young I understood Jesus was God, but this camping idea somehow empowered me; sent me on the Journey.  Jesus was at the same time, also just a man; a guy you could go camping with.  Of course He was, God can do that.  Jesus was who He said He was, Emmanuel.

    As the Journey continues I take my camping with Jesus  "Spirit traveling gear" with me.  I need it as God knew I would.  Same with whatever "Spirit gear" He's given you.  God knows we need those tools for building bridges, reaching out, climbing mountains and pulling up.  He knows the road is long, the chasms deep and wide.  Jesus did the work to get us started, gave us tools for the Journey and told us, “Never give up.”  In fact, the way to go at this is like the guy who has His bedroll by the campfire with the rest of ours once said.  Remember, He said, "Don't be afraid… but in the morning, take up your 'gear' and follow me."  

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