District Board


2016 – 2017 District Board


Chair – Tom Zuercher, Ashland Dickey (1st term ends 2018)

Vice Chair – Sherry Reese Vaught, Maple Grove (1st term ends 2017)

Secretary – Deb Beer, County Line (1st term ends 2018)


Congregational Commission:

Chair – Brian Layman, Hartville (2nd term ends 2017)

Vice Chair – Fred Brinkman, Sugar Creek West (2nd term ends 2017)

Secretary – Sherry Reese Vaught, Maple Grove (1st term ends 2017)

Member – Barbara Wilch, Lakewood (filling an unexpired term ending 2018)


Discipleship Commission:

Chair – Maria Nichols, Lakewood (1st term ends 2017)

Vice Chair – David Bassett, Pleasant View (1st term ends 2019)

Secretary – Bruce Jacobsen, Mt. Pleasant (1st term ends 2019)

Member – Ed Chase, Poplar Ridge (1st term ends 2019)


Fellowship Commission:

Chair – Brenda Ebner, Mount Pleasant (2nd term ends 2017)

Vice Chair – Gaylee Hughes, Painesville (1st term ends 2018)

Secretary – Tina Hunt, Ashland First (1st term ends 2019)

Member – Billi Janet Burkey, Center (1st term ends 2018)


Ministerial Commission:

Chair – Steve Simmons, Bethel (2nd term ends 2019)

Vice Chair – Vaughn Loose, Mansfield First (filling an unexpired term ending 2018)

Secretary – Max Canfield, New Philadelphia (1st terms ends 2017)

Member – James Washington, Lake Breeze (1st terms ends 2019)


Ex Officio Members (without vote):

Kris Hawk, District Executive Minister, Akron Springfield

Julie Watson, District Administrative Secretary, District Office

Linda Fry, District Peace/Conciliation Advocate, Mansfield First

Esther Harsh, District Youth Coordinator, Zion Hill

Shannon Kahler, Camp Director, Paradise

Lisa Snyder, District Treasurer, Ashland First (1st term ends 2017)

Jennifer Recker, District Financial Secretary, Mohican (1st term ends 2018)

Allen Kahler, Manchester University Trustee, Paradise (term ends 2017)

Ben Polzin, Standing Committee, Poplar Ridge (1st term ends 2018)

Kathy Ballinger, Standing Committee, Mohican (1st term ends 6/2017)

Patrick Bailey, Moderator, North Bend (term ends 2018)

Terry Porter, Moderator-Elect, Dupont (term ends 2019)

Jeanene Pifer, District Conference Clerk, Lakewood (term ends 2017)

Jim Shives, Camp Administration Committee Chair, Akron Eastwood (term ends 2018)


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