Northern Ohio Journeymen for Christ

November 2nd at Inspiration Hills Camp dawned crisp and perfect the way God does Fall colors and makes you say, “Aw look, God is so good!”  Northern Ohio District men tried to take it all in when we got together at Maple Conference Center that morning.  Our Fall Gathering was a time to praise and worship the Father with our brothers in Christ from “Touching Lives for Jesus Prison Ministry” and other friends who are sent to share the Good News. 

God was glorified and discipleship renewed in song and testimonies.  Men gave an account of how God’s mighty hand has moved in their lives.  We learned more of His Holy Spirit power within us.  Praying together we asked the simple question, “What would you have us do Lord?” 

The “Men’s Fall Gathering” was both a time to encourage and be encouraged.  A time to see the difference God makes when He invades our lives and goes with us on this incredible Journey.  “Journeymen” sent to do whatever it takes to share His Good News with others.  Praise be to God. 


Fall Worship Team at Inspiration Hills

Fall Worship at Inspiration Hills


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