Multiply Your Talents!

Multiply Your Talents with help from the Peace Task Team

The Peace Task Team is challenging you to multiply your talents to help support peace education in the Northern Ohio District.  

Here is how Multiply Your Talents Works:

• Sign up with Peace Task Team Member Diane Pollock (440-937-6711,
• You may request $10.00 seed money or provide your own $10.00 seed money.
• Between the time you sign up, and the 2021 District Conference, use that $10.00 of ‘seed money’ to make more money.

Here are some ideas:
 Some people buy supplies to bake cookies or other food items to sell. Others buy supplies to make craft items – from blankets to baskets to pottery to sell.
 Some add additional money of their own to the $10.00, if needed, to get enough supplies for their project.
 Some get needed supplies to provide services for a donation.
 Be creative! Come up with your own ideas for multiplying your talents!

Download/print brochure for more information.